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Contour Light Lipo Laser (LED) Machine: The most powerful in its class

Contour Light is one of our favorite machines. That is because of the power it generates, the effective heat management system, power per diode, high fluence and speed of treatment (effectiveness). It is one of the few machines that can be used for quick sessions per patient to get the same results as what it would take most machines double the time to achieve.

But before you get excited about this or any other brand/model, please note that not all lipo laser / LED machines are good for all requirements. I sincerely suggest you take our quiz before you choose to buy your lipo laser / LED machine. Click here to take the quiz (opens a new tab/window). It is likely to make the huge difference and help you to pick the right machine to fit your practice.

Contour Light machines are usually very good for high traffic clinics. That is because of the high speed of treatment, at the 635 nm wavelength (third generation), it will drain the fat from the cells quickly and we found this one to be best paired with a powerful spiral whole body vibration machine to pump out the fat once it is removed from the cells. The human body can accept only a limited amount of drainage per day - the lymph and detox system of our bodies will not allow beyond that (not in a healthy manner anyway). We have all heard horror stories of displacement where the body loses too much fat at one time and doesn't know what to do with it; so instead of getting rid of it, your body will simply relocate it, which is not a pretty sight! The best way to get rid of the fat is in a number of shorter sessions. This allows the body the proper time and in a natural way to get rid of the fat, pump is out and help you / your clients lose the weight in a more natural way.

Design overview of Contour Light

These third generation lipo LEDs are very powerful, and you can control the amount of power you want to use at any given time. With an easy-to-use controller, you can adjust the session times from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. There are 5 connectors/ports on the front of the machine. One can fit 5 pads, or fit 4 pads and 1 face mask, and operate the entire system at the same time in parallel with complete control. An alarm chime exists, which can be turned on or off as you want.

Another elegance of the design of these machines is that, in spite of having these many power chords (all paddles have power chords that attach them to the controller unit), they don't get tangled because of the fewer number of (much stronger) paddles. Normally, the more the number of paddles used, the harder it is to keep the chords untangled all the time. Since the number of pads (paddles) here are 5 and that can do the job, one does not need to go up to say 16, 20 or 24 weaker paddles.

Another advantage of having lower number of pads (paddles) is cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of the machine. Cleaning 4 paddles is significantly easier than cleaning say 8-24 paddles. Plus, the Contour Light lipo laser LED machines are designed such that they cover the patient side of the pad with a clear plastic that can be washed easily. This plastic is inexpensive and very easy to replace (you can easily do it yourself). After many washes, you may want to simply peel it off and replace with another inexpensive plastic sheet.

Technical overview

Technically, Contour Light machines belong to the most modern generation of lipo laser (LED) machines - the third generation. In this generation, the power generated by the diodes are the maximum across all the generations. The wavelength is the shortest - 635 nm - and note that the shorter is the wavelength, the more powerful is the machine. These lipo LED machines emit significant amounts of light energy that get delivered to the adipose (fat) tissues. The 4 light pads are 28" X 12" in size, and have 320 LED diodes per pad. Each LED emits a light energy of 40 milliwatts. Thus, each pad is rated at 320 X 40 = 12,800 milliwatts. The 4 pads together would emit 12,800 X 4 = 51,200 milliwatts. This is significant. The pads are soft and flexible, and hence are comfortable on the body of the user. Further, Contour Light also has 2 arm straps, and 168 diodes per strap.

Further, the size of the pads explain why the number of pads that a unit has, is lower than other machines that have 8-24 pads. Usually the sizes of these pads are around 4" X 6", which is less than 10% of the size of the typical pads that are part of the unit. In other words, one Contour Light pad will cover practically 10 times more than most other pads. That's why these machines work so well and fast in spite of having such a low number of pads. Some other machines that use smaller paddles can be uncomfortable due to the method of attachment to the persons body depending on the area you are targeting. Most of the times you will need straps and rubber bands to secure using this method. For the machines with smaller paddles, you will need to use a Velcro/elastic to hold up, and the paddles may need to be moved. None of this is comfortable to the patient, and the rolling over ends up consuming more time also. All this is eliminated by the large flexible pads that the Contour Light machines use.

The Contour Light machines also have a set of 2 cellulite removal pads, that incorporate green light energy diodes. It comes with a face mask that covers the face, neck and upper chest completely. This helps in improving the skin tone, generally invigorating the skin and removing the fat deposits from the under-chin and jowls. For patient safety and sanitary standards, it comes with 8 plastic sheets for additional pad covers. These pad covers are disposable.

The Contour Light machines come with rolling cart, wall, counter-top and stand-up posters, a measuring tape, 8 pad covers and instruction manual. The unit is covered is fully covered with a 1-year warranty.


Made in the USA, the Contour Light machines need no overseas shipping for import or maintenance. For example, to fix a couple of diodes, you won't need to send your machine to China or somewhere else out of the continent. Less downtime if something were to go down, which is a big advantage dealing with a US product.


Before discounts: $26,900
After discounts: Contact us (+1-888-547-5296)

My recommendation

I have compared Contour Light machines with other machines in its class. It is not necessarily the best machine of all for you - whether it is, depends upon your usage of the machines. I suggest you take the quiz on our site, and let me help pick which brand/model would work well for your requirements.

Click here to take the quiz

We usually have the best prices in the market, though we are not allowed to advertise those prices online. If you want to find the prices, a good way is to call me up at +1-888-547-5296 - it will take you a minute but is likely to save you a large amount of money.

I can also arrange for a demonstration of one of these machines for you, if you want to have one.

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