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Lipo Light LED machines

The Lipo Light was one of the original LED machines that were introduced. And since its introduction, it has remained popular and well-accepted by the clinics (salons) and patients both.

Lipo Light

This new third-generation lipo LED unit uses 16 probes. The probes are quite powerful, making this among the more powerful machines that exist. The energy released by a Lipo Light per second (referred to as "power density" by some folks) is quite high. This machine is made in the UK, so the standards are maintained well. The Chinese machines (most machines in the market are expectedly Chinese) release around 1.2-1.4 Joules per second. On the other hand, this machine releases around 5.7 Joules per second. That's a much higher power density.

16 probes, each with 30 diodes and high power density, makes the Lipo Light one among the popular LED machines that are actively used. A lot of the clinics that I see around actively use this machine. That is because, the high power density, along with the 16 paddles that operate in parallel, make sure that the speed of treatment with the Lipo Light machines are high. At the same time, these machines are seen to be comfortable on the bodies of the patients. Thus, the Lipo Light LED optimizes the combined satisfaction of both the parties.

As far as the generation is concerned, note that the Lipo Light machine is a third generation LED. The LED diodes fitted with the machine give out a wavelength of 635 nm, which makes it a member of the third generation. The heat management is good - it can run for many hours in a clinic/salon without facing any problem, and thus is a good commercial machine for the salon owner to own.

Note that, although the Lipo Light comes with 16 pads that can be used in parallel, depending upon which are of the body will receive the LED treatment, it needs 4-8 pads to be used at a given time. This is because, in a practical situation, not every area of the body will be worked upon in parallel. And using 4-8 pads in parallel, depending upon the area of the body, is usually good enough and fast enough. But technically, if you want to use all the 16 pads in parallel, nothing will prevent you from doing so.

These pads are configured such that they can be move freely. An adjustable strap is provided with this LED machine, that can be used to hold the necessary set of pads against the target zone on the body, such that the target zone receives the maximum possible exposure to the fluence. This gives the unit the flexibility to be used at different positions and orientations, making the job easier for the salon/clinic owner, and remaining fully comfortable for the patients.

Note that, one need not use all the pads all the times. For instance, if a client of a salon turns up and wants to work only on her hip area, then all that needs to be done is use the LED pads that would cover the hip area, and keep the rest of the pads idle. Most of the modern machines offer this body part fat targeting capability for lased based fat burning, and Lipo Light is no exception to this.

As expected of a third-generation machine, the heat management system of this modern lipo LED unit is state of the art. One can easily have multiple back-to-back sessions. For a reminder, the improved heat management system, and thus the capability to use the machine in back-to-back sessions with minimal delay, ensures that the salon / health club / facility can treat the maximum possible number of patients in the least possible time, thereby significantly improving the clinic throughput. Heat management was a major problem with the older-day - mostly the first-generation - lipo laser machines. Often enough, the machine would heat up in the middle of a session and stop working for some time, causing immense discomfort for the patient and losing valuable time (as well as goodwill) of the clinic. The modern third-generation units have mostly arrested this problem, and specifically Lipo Light does a great job in managing machine heat even if a chain of back-to-back sessions are carried out.

A typical session on a Lipo Light is around 20 minutes long. The recommendation for patients is to take around 2 sessions per week, and thus, in a typical month a user will undergo around 8 sessions. This is normally sufficient for a target body area. Some users prefer to take a few maintenance sessions, around 2 per month, for a couple of months after the main set of 8 sessions in the first month are done and over.

As is true with any laser / LED, it is a good idea to take exercises after a session on the Lipo Light, as that helps in draining the lymph released in the treatment process. The fatty acid and glycerol, released from the adipose tissues in the process, are better removed from the body if the user takes exercises after the treatments.

The clinics using Lipo Light machines tend to see a lot of referral patients (referred by earlier patients), which is a clear indication that these machines are really effective on the patient as well as comfortable. I have spoken to a number of salon/clinic owners who have been using Lipo Light LEDs as their primary workhorses. The feedback has been on the positive side. They have generally had good experiences. They have found the machines to work well in back-to-back sessions with no heat management issues, and never any trouble such as machines stopping due to heating etc. So overall, the unit is a well-tested on in terms of commercial use.

All in all, the Lipo Light is a commendable third generation lipo LED machine. If you are a salon / health facility owner, or an individual, planning to get a laser/LED, then this machine is certainly worth a thought. Feel welcome to call me for a detailed rundown, as well as for the best prices (all the different brands and models I sell, I always have the best prices anywhere).


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