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Photo Biotech Lipo Lasers

Photo Biotech uses German diodes, and has one of the strongest machines around. They make 3 different models. Each of the models rely on a similar technology, and are different just in terms of number of diodes (fluence). Remember that the number of diodes only determines the time taken per session. The strength of the laser machines are independent of the number of diodes - it depends only upon the wavelength of the machine.

The highest end machine from Photo Biotech have 192 standard diodes and costs $63,600. The two lower models cost $40,000 and $20,000 respectively. Each of these machines are very good ad use a similar technology. Just that, the number (or size) of diodes go down with the lower models. Their heavy duty machines melt fat really fast, and hence can work in 6 minutes per session. However, at $63,600, that's an overkill. The medium one will have lesser number of diodes, and will have a session time of around 15-16 minutes. This costs $40,000. The most popular one, costing a couple of hundred dollar below the $20,000 mark, has small German diodes (60+ per paddle), and emits lesser number of Joules per second (less power). The session time with this is around 25-30 minutes. However, this is the most popular lipo laser from Photo Biotech, because of the price being much more affordable, in spite of the same technology.

The new Photo Biotech machines have moved to the third generation 635 nm wavelength range. Although the diode power is 5 milliwatts (per diode), the wavelength ensures deep penetration and a great treatment experience for the patients.


Before discounts: $63,600 / $40,000 / $20,000
After discounts: Contact us (+1-888-547-5296)

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