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Introducing the Strawberry Laser

The Strawberry Laser is a high-power second generation high-end lipo laser machine. This machine does not use LED, it uses only laser. It is a very powerful machine that can drain a large quantum of fat in each session. A complete package for the average patient aiming to complete one end-to-end process of non-surgical liposuction on the unit takes around 8-10 sessions.

The laser was covered in a Dr. Oz show. And apparently this is one of the widest used lasers across the clinics, which is clear from the number of clinics that use it. The revealing story about the quality of this laser is the price tag - $90,000 (by the way, call us for discounts at +1-888-547-5296) - and so many clinics using this in spite of the sky-high price. This happens because of what the brand offers with its model.

Apparently, patients love this machine because of its effectiveness. So what ends up happening is that, the clinics using the Strawberry Laser get a lot of patients that are referred by other patients. This encourages the clinics to invest in these machines, in spite of the high costs. The patients also end up paying a pretty high amount of money - in the order $300-$350 per session (prices vary in clinics depending upon who administers the process, whether a doctor oversees etc.), - but they still refer to this machine. I know plenty of clinics that actively use this unit, and all of these clinics are very happy with it.

The fluence of the Strawberry Laser is high, covering a lot of the body area. This makes the machine drain a lot of fat in a given time. The Strawberry Laser has 10 pads and 60 highly powerful laser diodes. They claim an average of 2 inch loss of the abdomen line per session. Given the high power density (number of Joules per unit time), it takes a healthy body (good liver function) to take all that Strawberry Laser has to give. Else, the intensity needs to be decreased to best give the body the amount of laser it can accept.

The high power of the Strawberry Lasers ensure that session times are really low - as low as only 10 minutes - allowing clinics to take a high volume of patients. That is another reason so many clinics buy the Strawberry Laser, in spite of the high price. The speed of operation that this unit provides, is sufficient to make up for the extra money it costs for someone investing in the machine.

As expected for such a high-priced unit, there are a large number of copies (duplicates) of this machine that are being sold online. Beware. My suggestion would be to avoid buying from marketplaces like EBay or Alibaba (unless you are really confident). There are enough scams that go on for this brand, as the unit is popular and goes for a high price. Call me up if you need (+1-888-547-5296) and I shall make sure that you buy the machine from the official brand directly with appropriate documents and warranties, as well as pass over the discounts that I would be aware of at the time of your purchase (it is not allowed to show the discounts online).


Before discounts: $90,000
After discounts: Contact us (+1-888-547-5296)

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