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The Vevazz Lipo LED

Vevazz is not a traditional laser machine, but a lipo LED machine. The older version of this machine had the standard LEDs. However, the new version has been equipped with Japan-made superluminous LEDs. This lets the machine treat large areas of the body at the same time in parallel, without losing any effectiveness.

One could choose to get a Vevazz as is, or with ancillaries. Depending upon that, the price will range from somewhat above $15,000 to somewhere just below $22,000. I tend to have good discounts for many brands, so before you buy, do call me up and check the prices (+1-888-547-5296), may save you a massive amount of money.

Moving from the traditional LEDs to the new Japanese superluminous LEDs has made a large difference in the popularity of the machine. This is because, while Vevazz treats slower than a modern 635 nm third generation laser machine, but (a) is very effective in what it does and (b) these LEDs allow them to cover a large area of the body in parallel making them effectively quite fast.

Vevazz machines do not have any known complaints in the market. All the buyers that I know have been happy with these machines. Vevazz has one of the larger market shares among the LED brands. They were the early movers in this space, and that has also rewarded them a lot. Their movement to superluminous LED was among the first few in the market, and that has enhanced the value that their customers get. The fluence and power given by Vevazz LED machines are way higher than their cheaper alternatives.


Before discounts: $22,000 / $15,000
After discounts: Contact us (+1-888-547-5296)

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