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Strength and Mobility of Lipo Lasers

Strength and mobility of lipo laser machines are two of the most important factor to consider. Surprisingly, with lipo lasers and lipo LEDs, the strongest machines are not necessarily the heaviest. Also, because of the configuration, some machines are more mobile than the others. These factors are explored in the this article.

Strength of Lipo Lasers

Lipo lasers available in the modern day market spread over three generations. The oldest (first) generation, where the minimum wavelength attained is 670 nm, are usually not too strong as far as the lipo effects go. There are a couple, though, that do generate a lot of laser emission strength.

As the wavelength keeps going lower, the strength increases. The second generation, at 650 nm, are much more powerful than the first generation. And the third generation, at around 635 nm, boast of significant strength. Both these generations of machines penetrate deep into the adipose and do a great job of melting the undesirable fat away.

By the way, the wavelength generated by the diodes of the lipo laser is the key to the machine strength, and has absolutely no relationnship with the fluence (brightness) it produces. The brightness is simply a measure of the number of diodes spread over uniformly along the laser machine paddles that generate light (fluence). How strong the "brightness" is, remains independent of now bright it is. It is the wavelength (thereby, the frequency) that counts. High frequency and low wavelength is strong. The reverse is weak. Each diode will generate some fluence with that frequency and wavelength. Many such diodes will sum up to the total fluence.

As far as the power consumption of the lipo laser / LED machines go, there are machines at all ranges, right from less than 6 watts (such as Smart Lipo) to 32 watts, 46 watts and above. The older machines tend to use higher wattage with lesser efficiency, and as we go forward the machines are using less and less power but with more and more efficiency. So while the general truth would be that lipo lasers with more watts would be faster, that's not the reality (thanks to the ever-improving laser/LED technology). Further, each diode will be around 5-20 milli watts, and the total energy consumed by the device will be the sum-total of the energy consumed by the individual diodes.

Mobility of Lipo Lasers

A stronger lipo laser machine is not necessarily the most mobile one, and vice versa. There are machines that are really lightweight and small, to ones that are much larger. There are machines that have wheels fitted (so one can simply roll them over like a trolley), there are machines that are easy to disassemble (open up to multiple pieces) and packed and carried, and then there are machines that neither have wheels nor are easy to disassemble (and therefore can be hardly moved around).

If you need to find out about whether a particular lipo laser model you have in mind has wheels or can be opened or is mobile (or not) in any sense, I am just one call away. Call me on +1-888-547-5296 and I shall let you know immediately. Also, if you want to compare the mobility of different lipo laser machines, I have a complete list of the brands and models that I have surveyed, just call me up and I shall help you out.

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