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DKN Pro Machines Are Great For Heavy Exercise Takers

DKN produces some of the very best machines for heavy exercise takers. Producing some of the industry-leading vibration machines for the past 2 decades, DKN is certainly one of the market leaders in the area of WBV machines. Their Pro machines are wonderful for those who take heavy exercises, and their two decades of have been witness to the quality that they produce.

If you look at the gyms around the country, you will find a significant presence of DKN machines. Their long-standing existence, the quality that they provide and the heavy exercises that they are capable of delivering have made them favorites among body builders and muscle developers, gym coaches and other exercise takers who want to maintain health or grow muscles.

Our business partners and team members have tried XG10 Pro, XG5 Pro and XG# Pro from DKN. The qualities of each of these machines are awesome. When a business associate of ours tried in a fitness store, holding 75 lbs of dumb-bells, the XG10 Pro provided stellar performance with no sign of reducing the vibration or even becoming warm. In fact, the machine didn't even show any signs of carrying any load, which is extremely impressive.

As far as parameters are concerned, DKN XG10 Pro machines can produce as high as 12G, with almost 4 mm vibration amplitude. It comes with some of the best features, including 12 programs (preset), a manual programmable frequency range that is wide enough, balancing cushion for providing stability and automatic management of program repeat. Overall, this is one of the top-3 machines that our associates ever tried (and the team has tried a LOT of machines).

The other machines produced by DKN are also fantastic. We were impressed with the DKN XG 5 Pro and the XG3 Pro. Both are terrific. The power, frequency, amplitude and load-carrying capacity makes these machines some of the best in the market.

Please note that we highly recommend you take our free online quiz before making your final choice of machine, as it will help you better understand whether a particular brand of machine (including DKN) is suitable for you, no matter how good the machine is. As discussed in a number of places over our website, not every machine is suitable for every person.

DKN XG10 Pro

DKN XG10 Pro


We offer the best prices anywhere, with a guarantee of refund for the extra money paid by you, if you find anything cheaper within 4 233ks of buying from us!

DKN XG10 Pro: $3,995

DKN XG5 Pro: $3,495

For questions or to buy at the best possible prices, call: +1-888-228-4387. We have wonderful discount prices that we are not allowed to show online.

If you prefer to buy from Amazon, then here are links to the models.

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