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Whole Body Vibration Machines

Vibration Exercises For Body Building, Health Maintenance, Detoxification and Easy Weight Loss

Me and my partner together have been exploring and experiencing many of the whole body vibration machines available around us today. We manually opened a lot of the brands and models of whole body vibration machines that are available today. Here, we present the first-hand experiences of our team (me and my partner being the primary explorers, and with feedback from our business associates and end-users of the machines), mostly while trying to experience the vibration provided by these machines.

Each make and model of vibration machine has its typical characteristics. So, the type and magnitude of vibration provided by some machines will suit you really well (depending upon your specific conditions and requirements), and some others will not suit you at all.

In order to discover whether a vibration machine is suitable for you, we have put up an in-depth (but quick) online quiz here, which will help understand what are the set of machines that work the best for you, and you can choose one of those.

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In case you didn't know earlier, whole body vibration (WBV) machines, also called vibration machines in short, are machines that have a vibration plate platform, and one or more motors making the platform of the machine vibrate. One can stand on the platform as the machine vibrates, and thereby get their body vibrated.

Such vibrations have been proved to deliver significant exercises to the body, and have a number of benefits. We shall go into all of that shortly. Before that, take a look at some of the models that we found to be excellent, as our business associates (team) used these machines and experienced them.

So as you clearly see, one has a number of good choices, cutting across a number of manufacturing brands and models. And not only that, as we shall explain shortly, different WBV machines produce different types of vibrations in terms of the vibration types, intensity (amplitude and frequency) and preset program variety and duration. So, not each machine is suitable for every person, regardless of the quality.

Now, let us briefly explain how vibration machines can exercise the body just by vibrating it (what's the apparent magic), and the different types of vibrations.

How vibration machines provide exercises

It may appear surprising to you how on earth can just vibrating the body provide exercises, unless you already know it. The idea of a vibration machine is that it will keep vibrating the body at a high frequency. For example, a high-quality can often vibrate at as high as 50 Hz. That essentially means, the machine will complete 50 full vibration cycles per second. That is, the machine will start moving to a direction from a starting point (and we shall shortly explain which direction), move significantly in that direction (this amount of movement is called the vibration amplitude), then stop, reverse the direction, move to the origin, and keep moving to the other direction by an equal amount (same as its amplitude again), again stop and reverse the direction, and then keep moving till it reaches the origin (starting point). This will complete a cycle. It will not stop at the origin, but keep moving till it again moves in the first direction by its amplitude, and the whole cycle will repeat.

The completion of the cycle from the starting point is counted as one vibration. A machine vibrating at 50Hz will complete 50 such cycles per second. That means, the body will keep changing directions at an extremely high rate every moment. This will provide acceleration to the body, moving the joints, the muscles and the other parts. And this acceleration is what will translate to significant exercises for the body.

In fact, a vibration machine of a good quality will make sure that the frequency can be pushed to high enough levels such that it does not cause damage to the blood vessels but remove toxins, cellulites and other undesirable substances lying inside the body, causing weight gain and increasing body toxins. Thus, it will result in weight loss, detoxification and blood purification.

Let us know explain the different types of vibration.

Vibration types

There are two fundamental types of vibration machines depending upon types of vibrations, and then there a couple of mixed modes also.

The first one is called the pivotal vibration. And there is a variant, where the direction of movement is different, which is called oscillating vibration. In pivotal vibration, the body is moved in an up-down (vertical) direction. In oscillating, the body goes in a see-saw titter-totter motion. In good machines, the amplitude is often 8-10 mm at the highest level.

This kind of vibration is wonderful for those with knee injuries, back pains, joint issues, and other injuries, and this is a relatively milder form of vibration exercise. This type of vibration is great in weight management and detoxification (including lymph drainage). If you are looking to maintain your health and are not someone who is more of a body-builder, this is the right vibration technology for you.

The other one is called the linear vibration. The vibration here is horizontal in nature, and can be a mix of left-right and front-rear in direction. This is wonderful for those who have a strong body and can absorb heavy exercises. If you are looking to build your muscles and body, or are a serious taker of heavy exercises, then you would want your machine to be driven by the linear vibration technology.

And then, there is the tri-planer vibration. This is a mixture of the two vibrations - oscillating and linear. These machines are complex to build as all the directions (the horizontal directions as well as the vertical direction) of vibration need to be managed with appropriate frequencies and amplitudes. These are normally powered by dual motors, and therefore can also yield single-directional vibration by using only one of the two. These machines are often great both for maintaining health as well as building muscles.

Further, oscillating and pivotal vibrations are brought together in some units, which are popularly known as the spiral vibration machines. A lot of my favorite machines are spiral. This is because, the frequency and amplitude ranges produced by such a machine are very high (can go from really low frequency and amplitudes to really high ones, from from 5 Hz to 60 Hz), is gentle on the body while delivering all the benefits the technology can deliver, and works well on a large variety of physical conditions and exercise objectives. Get in touch with me to discuss more - many a time this is the technology that you will need (but don't jump to a conclusion, there are cases when other technologies will work better, hence, I cannot emphasize this enough, call my up if you are in any doubt).

Benefits of vibration machines

There are a number of benefits of using whole body vibration machines. Some of them are as follows.

  • Weight loss/management: It is easy to lose and then maintain body weight by using a WBV machine. One can afford to be lazy and just stand on the machine and get WBV exercises, or they can choose to be active and exercise while standing on the machine by jumping around or lifting weights.
  • Detoxification and lymph drainage: WBV moves the muscles and tissues, and thereby brings out the stored toxins and cellulites that would not easily be removed otherwise. Thus it helps in detoxification. It also helps drain excess lymph, thereby keeping the body properly shaped.
  • Blood circulation improvement: Detoxification results in improving the quality of the blood and making it purer.
  • Blood pressure control: With improved blood quality and with the exercises not allowing the blood vessels to constrict, the blood pressure remains under better control.
  • Bone density improvement: Vibration exercises results in the blood being able to carry minerals better to all the corners of the body, and thus improves the bone density significantly.
  • Back pain and joint pain management: Back pains and joint pains, including spinal issues, can be taken care of by pivotal vibration (check with your doctor if your injury will be helped).
  • Body building: Those using linear or triplanar machines will be significantly helped in building their bodies and muscles, as these machines are capable of catering extremely heavy exercises. Gyms and body-building clubs love these machines.
  • Stress recovery improvement: Those recovering from stress injuries or accidents will be helped by the vibration machines, subject to the nature of their stress or problem. It is suggested to check with your doctor before you use the machines, if you are looking for using them.
  • Body fitness improvement: In general the body fitness goes up significantly.
  • Serotonin improvement: Serotonin, the chemical element in our body that has been proved to keep us happy and our moods up and cheerful, is said to be increased by these machines. Some of the companies officially claim serotonin improvement as an outcome of using their machines, which is wonderful.

Qualifying a vibration machine

It is important to be able to properly quality a whole body vibration machine. These machines are mostly qualified by the vibration they produce and the motors they use to produce the vibration. The vibrations are characterized by (a) frequency and (b) amplitude. You would want a machine that can vibrate in a wide range of 5-50 Hz, and is capable of producing vibration amplitudes as high as 8-10 mm when in full throttle.

There are different kinds of motors, at different powers and efficiencies. The motor can be 1-2 HP, and depending upon its efficiency it will cater exercises appropriately. A machine may be a single-mode machine with one motor or a dual-mode machine with two motors. Also, there can be a pivotal (oscillating) motor as well as a linear vibration motor for multimodal machines. The motor may run on AC or DC as far as the type of electricity is concerned. It may or may not have brushes. It may generate high EMF (and generating EMF is not good so you would want machines that do not generate much EMF).

The load carrying capacity of the machine will depend upon the motor. The machine will often come with a peak rating rather than a constant rating, and you would not want to be deceived by that. Peak is what the machine can give at a running state without load. Obviously, when you stand on it, it will be loaded. If you choose to take exercises while standing on the machine, it will be highly loaded. At constant, you would want to make sure that the machine operates smoothly in spite of the load, and can still reach the specifications, without heating up.

As you see, qualifying a machine needs a lot of testing and research. The biggest value that our team brings to you is that we have done a lot of research in the market, trying to qualify machines. And that is why we always recommend you take our free online quiz here so that our research can help you directly and for no cost.

Pricing expectations (and quality implications)

There are a number of vibration machines, priced at all over the ranges. We have seen vibration machine right from a few hundred dollars to close to twenty thousand dollars. Many machines are bad in terms of quality, and we recommend you avoid them. Don't get a vibration machine if you cannot afford a good one, but do yourself and your health a favor by not choosing a third-grade machine.

Here is a video we made for you, with a really third-grade vibration machine, and a real model taking a real exercise session. Once you watch this video you will realize how horribly wrong you can go by buying low-quality and untested machines.

The ones we recommend start at just over $1,000, and as we add quality and features, they go up all the way to $5,000, and there are a couple of wonderful commercial units we find at $14,000-$16,000. Mostly, you would be good with $1,000-$2,500 machines, depending upon your health conditions (what works for your health) and requirements (objectives). The ones that we like the best (but may or may not suit you, depending upon your health conditions - try our quiz to check whether these machines suit you or some other machines are better for your health objectives) are sonic vibration machines. The brand we recommend for sonic start at $4,000 and go all the way up to $15,000, over many models.

In summary, if you want a good-quality WBV unit, be prepared to shell out at least $1,000+, if not a bit more. Else, do not buy one at all - surely the video above has told you a clear story from our own first-hand experiences.

Next step

If you are looking to buy a vibration machine, then we suggest you to head over to our free online vibration machine quiz and take it. It will help you understand where you stand with respect to the machines a lot better and help you significantly going forward. The quiz will take at most 3-5 minutes to complete.

For questions or to speak to us if you want suggestions, call: +1-888-228-4387. We get a lot of (a) enquiry calls, (b) thank you calls (feels good, as the callers are usually the ones that buy the machines we recommend, after discussing their health conditions at length), (c) discount guarantee calls - at KnockYourHealth we guarantee the lowest prices for wbv machines anywhere, and offer an extra money back guarantee backed up by our parent company CWGLive, and (d) question calls from new buyers and researchers of the vibration machines.

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