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Lipo Laser and LED Reviews: Learn the latest about generations, technology, paddles/pads, diodes, wavelength, mobility, fluence and contraindications.

Which Lipo Laser/LED Systems have we reviewed?

We have done what we believe to be a thorough research of practically all the light systems that are in the play today. The ones that we show on our site are what we feel are "better than the very best"! And if we have not listed something here, there is usually a good strong reason behind it - feel free to call us and find why.

How do lipolasers work?

Lipo lasers and LEDs have become popular for non-surgical fat removal, or non-surgical liposuction as it is termed. Research studies have shown that subcutaneous fat cells in the human body can be stimulated by exposing them to low-wavelength high-frequency laser light. At around wavelength of 900-1400 nm, the body temperature rises, and the body prepares (acclimates) to its exposure to the laser light. Subsequently at a lower wavelength of between 635-670 nm, the adipose (fat) and triglycerides get released into the interstitial region of the body. This is drained from the body the by lymph/toxin drainage system. Thus the excess fatty acids get processed and released in the process, leading to fat loss.

A patient will normally need multiple sessions on a lipo laser machine - anywhere between 6-12 sessions on an average - to lose their overall excess fat. This is because, the human body has a limit to how much it can drain in a given period. If the body is pushed beyond its limit within a short span of time with more and more laser rays hoping to release more fatty acid, the patient (the human) will fall sick in all likelihood, but not much more fatty acid will surface and get released at that time. That is why the sessions are spread out over a few days, typically around twice a week. However, with a powerful modern lipolaser machine, each individual session can be made shorter and more effective compared to the older-generation machines. In fact, this is the technique busy and upcoming clinics use: they get powerful machines (which have become inexpensive with advancement in technology) and have short sessions with patients that are effective because of the machine power. And then they have multiple sessions per patient, as the patient needs. That way, they treat the possible highest number of patients everyday, but make sure that it remains health-friendly and comfortable for the patients.

Anatomy of lipo laser / LED machines

Diodes are the fundamental unit of heat that a lipo laser machine built upon. These are the heat-generating units of the devices. The energy/power that a lipolaser machine will boast of, will depend upon the wavelength of the emission generated by its diodes. And the fluence, which concerns the brightness and body area coverage of the lights produced, depends upon the number of diodes.

Each machine has a few paddles or pads. The number of paddles will vary from 4-24 on a given machine. The sizes can be as small as 6" X 4" or smaller to as large as 28" X 12" or larger. These paddles are soft, and are strapped onto the body of the patient. In case of the large pads, the patient need not necessarily be strapped with elastic or Velcro. They can lie on the pads and the pads can be also fitted on their body.

Each paddle will have a number of diodes. The first generation diodes used to emit rays of wavelength 660-670 nm. The second generation diodes would emit 650-660 nm, thus giving out stronger emissions. The third generation produces radiation of around 635-640 nm wavelength, making them far stronger than the second generation also.

Therefore, the number of milliwatts (power) per diode has gone up a lot over the generations. The first generation units have 5-10 milliwatt diodes. The second generation machines have 10-20 milliwatt diodes. And the third generation of these machines have 20-40 milliwatt diodes. Clearly, moving from 5 milliwatt per diode all the way up to 40 milliwatt per diode shows a huge increase of power circulation. This has been made possible by being able to hit the lower and lower wavelengths of the emissions produced, while ensuring the safety of the patients.

The strength of a lipolaser device depends upon the wavelength of the laser wave given out by the diodes. The machine fluence, on the other hand, depends upon the number of diodes it has, but does not depend upon the strength of the diodes. So in other words, fluence is in no way related to strength - it depends only upon the density, quantity and arrangement of the laser-emitting diodes. The high fluence devices will cover a larger area, so will deliver more in terms of area covered in a given time period. However, how much time it takes to melt the fat (adipose / triglycerides) of any particular point on the body, depends upon the strength of the machine (and not the fluence).

The strength of a lipolaser machine is determined by the wavelength of the diodes alone, and never the number of diodes (that is, never the fluence). Also note that, a few high wavelength (low energy) diodes can never add up to one highly powerful diode (of a low wavelength). That is because, the effectiveness of these machines come from how well the generated laser wave can penetrate the body. That depends solely upon the wavelength of the laser rays. Shorter wavelength emissions penetrate better, making them stronger and more effective compared to the longer wavelength emissions.

Some of my favorite machines


PureLight: One of the really good LED models we have tested. Uses diodes that last for an incredible 10,000 hours. They use the Focused Light technology, which is used to focus on certain parts of the body well, such as the hips, waist, arms, thighs and abdomen, and certain activities well, such as body contouring. Practitioners love the PureLight for its quality, speed and effectiveness. It is one of the better machines of today. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.

i-Lipo: Lots of people are aware of this brand because of the trade shows that they take part in. Created by Chromogenex, this is one of the original companies of the first generation. They have evolved with time, and remain as impressive as ever. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.
Lipo Light

Lipo Light (16 Probe): One of the original LED machines. Strong probes. 16 probes makes the machine fast. Clinics love this, as faster sessions means quicker turnaround. An affordable $19,995. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.

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MyLipo: MyLipo is an entry level LED machine for professionals. The two models come with 4 and 8 pads, and one can add pads up to a maximum of 16. Practically as strong as other commercial models. The diodes are powerful. 20-minute auto-cut option inbuilt. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price.
NLAL (NLazer Assisted Lipolysis)

NLAL (NLazer): Created and designed by a MD-certified doctor. Portable unit. Priced unbelievably low around $11,000. Outperforms many machines priced 2x-5x. Fast sessions. Modern technology. One can wear while taking active exercises. Usually only a few units made available at a time. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.
Photo Biotech 600 LC

Photo Biotech 600 LC: With 192 diodes, the number of diodes per paddle is amongst the highest, more than average needs. Uses photobiomodulation to stimulate the body’s natural process for releasing stored content in the adipose cells. Targets quick sessions. Popular in high-traffic clinics. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.
SlimCo Body Light

SlimCo Body Light: One of the most powerful LED based units. Gets excellent user reviews. Comfortable. Peaceful music and soothing background white noise system. Lets user remain active over the process. 10 probes. $39,800. Loved by clinic owners, because happy users tend to spread the good words. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price.
Smart Lipo

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Smart Lipo: Made by CynoSure. The Triplex uses 3 wavelengths - one reduces bruising, another enhances fat melting, and the third tightens skin. Internal temperature control safeguards from overheating damage. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price.
Strawberry Laser

Strawberry Laser: Priced at a high $35,000-45,000, Strawberry is a high-end lipolaser machine. Certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (medical standard). The machine is FDA-cleared. 4 paddles. Can add additional panels up to 10. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.

Vevazz: Vevazz uses the modern LED technology. One of the few LEDs we reviewed. Much more affordable than earlier machines ($22,000). LED technology has made the lipo treatment affordable. Vevazz is one of the best units existing. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.
Yolo (Curve)

Yolo (Curve): Yolo is a Canada-based manufacturer of these devices. It uses laser, not LED. Yolo has its patented technology, one of the few models with a patent. 4 strong paddles. Egg-shaped curve helps excellent skin penetration. FDA-cleared. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price. Click to read more.

Zerona: One of the staples in the industry. FDA-cleared. Very popular in clinics in spite of high prices. Although an age-old model, it directly competes with modern 3rd generation models. Call +1-888-547-5296 for guaranteed lowest price.


Lipo laser / LED machines are expensive. There are all kinds of prices, starting from $15,000 all the way to $90,000, among the ones that I like. In the earlier days when it was difficult to manufacture the machines and technology was not too advanced, the prices used to be sky-high. With improvement in technology, specifically the LED technology and heat management systems, the prices of the modern generation devices have come down a lot. There are still many machines that go for high, but some of the newer third generation LED machines are priced at less than $25,000. This was unimaginable in the past.

The earlier generation lipolaser machines would cost around $35,000-$100,000. That was way too expensive for most clinics to afford. Also, the first and second generation machines would generate less power compared to third generation ones. Hence each session would take longer, and have less effect in a given time. This would in turn increase the time to treat a patient, and the number of patients that a clinic could see on a given day. The heating system would also play its role - the machines would shut down if overheated, until the heat could be controlled.

On the other hand, the modern day LED units are priced way lower. Some of the very best LEDs that I have come across, are priced at less than $25,000. A relatively new entrant model, which has been getting excellent market feedback, is as inexpensive as $24,000. And yet, being third generation machines, these are powerful and fast. The good ones are equipped with controllers that control the exposure of the body to the emissions, so one can set a session to as fast as 5-7 minutes to as slow as 40-50 minutes in some of the modern LED models.

All in all, be prepared with at least $22,000 - $25,000 if you plan to get a good lipo laser or LED model, and a couple of thousand higher if you want state-of-the-art great machines. If you want faster/stronger ones, that would be anywhere between $25,000 - $30,000. There are more expensive ones, but most of the times you would not need those. Feel welcome to discuss with me if you feel a discussion will help - I do it all the time.

I sell a large number of laser and LED machines, and hence get a bulk discount from many manufacturers. I happily pass a good part of the discounts I get to my customers, which saves them lots and lots of dollars (and on top of that, I personally review a lot of the brands and models by opening and examining the machinery, tracing back deep to spot counterfeits and so on). I am not allowed to advertise those prices online, so call me directly at if you want to take advantage of the massive discounts.

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