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Precautions for Using Lipo Lasers, and Avoiding the Use

Normally, lipo lasers are safe to use. There have been a large number of academic studies carried out to find whether using these machines are safe. And the studies have shown that in general one can use lipo laser treatments without any fear or restrictions. And with the generations of the laser machines improving the quality and safety of usage over time, currently we are in a safe usage zone as ffar as the laser technology is concerned (and of course, the safest zone ever in history).

Having said that, there are still a number of situations where one would want to avoid using laser lipo machines and avoid doing liposuction in any form using laser technology. Some of the settings are given below. For an exhaustive list, we suggest you contact your doctor and make sure that you won't run into any issue as a result of doing liposuction with laser machines.

So, below are when you would want to avoid using lipo lasers, or take adequate precautions before using, whichever applies.


-- Women with pregnancy and women that breast feed their babies (or, in general, lactate)

-- Patients that have cancer, or had cancer in the past

-- Patients with cardiac history, pacemakers, and other heart issues (or implants)

-- People having lymphatic disorders and lymph drainage issues

-- Open wounds that are not yet healed

-- Infections of the skins

-- Thyroid issues

-- Circulatory (blood) system issues and/or hypertension

-- Diabetes issues (and in particular, type-1 diabetes)

-- Autoimmune disorders

-- Photo-sensitivity (that is, exposure to sun causes problems)

-- Liver problems

--- Kidney and/or retinal problems

-- Metallic implant or prior prosthesis procedure done

-- Uncontrolled infection of any sort (after control, subject to medical opinion)


-- Tattooed parts of the body needs to be precautioned against

-- Children under 18 years of age should not take lipo laser sessions without explicit medical permission

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